Golden AgeEdit

Silver AgeEdit

First Silver AgeEdit

Second Silver AgeEdit

Bronze AgeEdit

First AgeEdit

Second AgeEdit

  • 1505 Breakup of Arthav Creation of independent realms of Arhadan and Rhaglad
  • 2196 The foundation of Thal
  • 2361 The old castle built
  • 2387 TheKingdom of Thal founded.
  • 2409
  • 2511 The first orks settle agian in the northern regions of Sargemur.
  • 2517 Overthrow of the kings of Thal
  • 2539 The New Town built in Thal
  • 2543 The New Haven built in Thal
  • 2552 The Townhallin Thal built.
  • 2561 Battle.
  • 2614 The arrival of Morgumer. Sargemur begins to strengthen, first attacks on caravans.
  • 2657 The last reconstruction of the palisades in Thal.
  • 2745 The arrival of in Sargemur. The building of new fortresses. Large orc camps on the western side of the mountains.
  • 2814 Birth of Radovlad.
  • 2827 Drought in Sargemur
  • 2832 Birth of Halmir.
  • 2841 Birth of Tharin
  • 2850 Birth of Vranimir
  • 2853 Radovlad becomes Master of Thal
  • 2857Radegar arrives to Thal for the first time.
  • 2865 Cirívien sents 2000 swordsmen and 500 knights to Tanintir
  • 2868 Halmir becomes Master of Thal, defeat of the Asdriags.

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