Type Town
Principal land Thalskvuld, Ravediar
Name meaning Dale
Population 15 000

Short descriptionEdit

The town of Thal lies to the east of lake Dalsin . It is fortified by wooden palisades. To the east and northeast of thal lies the Thal Forest, a popular hunting site for the locals.

Detailed descriptionEdit


The town of Thal was founded by the Thalsk people,settling on the eastern end of lake Dalsin.For over 300 years, the town lived in peace.


  • 2196 The foundation of Thal
  • 2361 The old castle built
  • 2387 The Kingdom of Thal founded
  • 2517 Overthrow of the kings,
  • 2539 The New Town built.
  • 2543 The New Haven built.
  • 2552 The Townhall built.
  • 2561 Battle.
  • 2657 The last reconstruction of the palisades.

    The kings of Thal

  • 2853 Radovlad becomes Master.
  • 2857 Radegar arrives to Thal for the first time.
  • 2868 Halmir becomes Master , defeat of the Asdriags.

In the year 2541, the Masters controlled only the valley from Thal to Smrekodol and they lost the regions where Eodréd and his people now reside.However in 2561 Thal grew in power and once again its borders were the same as in the days of Hirion.

Around 2700, The Eothruvim arrived, until thenThal weakened. The weakening of Thal continued until 2820, when the town began to trade intensively. Until then, many houses were abandoned. In that time Thal controlled only the forest and the western banks of lake Dalsin.

The importance of the town began to grow only during the rule of Radovlad. Although he was a greedy merchant, he brought his town to prosperity. However, whether it was good I dont know, since in 15 years it became a target of attacks


The head of town is the Master, who governs all life in Thal.



  • Walls:The town is defended by a wooden palisade. There is an old tower over the gates, but it is too dangerous to be used.
  • Townhall: The townhall is the center of political life in Thal.
  • The Marketplace: Though not a building itself, the marketplace is a very important place in Thal.
  • Under the walnut Inn: A popular Inn found to the south of the town.
  • The Old Castle: an old castle found near lake Dalsin.


  • The garrisson is not very strong nor disciplinned.


Concept and creationEdit

The town is based upon medieval Italian trade-republics such as Venice or Genoa.