Race Elves

The Taeldyar , also commonly known as the High Elves, are the descendants of the second Elven kindred (the Finyar).-



The Taeldyar were awakened along with the other Elves at a small lake.Originally, there were 32 Finyarin Elves and were found looking at a high rock and at marvellous jewels.

The Long MarchEdit

They were invited by Cenariol to take part in the Long March westward, to safety in Iniar. Hower, only 22 Elves arrived to the sea, where they settled under the mountain Taraes in the small castle of Talemostye. There, they remained for one thousand years. Talemostye is also the birthplace of Arnefánno, the first elf to be born.


All Taeldyar have dark hair.