Type Region
Principal land ..
Names Sargemur, Ash Dred


Short descriptionEdit

Sargemur is a volcanic region , bound to the north and west by ragged mountains. To its center lies a large volcano.

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First Age

Second Age

  • 2511 The first orks settle agian in the northern regions of Sargemur.
  • 2614 The arrival of Morgumer. Sargemur begins to strengthen, first attacks on caravans.
  • 2745 The arrival of in Sargemur. The building of new fortresses. Large orc camps on the western side of the mountains.
  • 2827 Drought in Sargemur

The LandEdit

The land is a desolate, ashy highland plateau, with few settlements. Most of the country is covered with ash, with the only acceptable areas being the mountains, and a less hostile southern part, supplying the north with food.

The hostile climate practically turned the region into a barren desert. Some place have a precipitation of less than 180mm per year.

The only rivers flow in the south creating a salt lake, and the rest is desert.


Sargemur is a barren wasteland

Flora and FaunaEdit

There is not much in here...

Botanically, Sargemur is divided into 6 provinces:

  • Vegetationless (more than 40% of the land)
  • The leeward sides of the mountains- few vegetation
  • The windward sides of the mountains-more vegetation
  • Semi-arid climate- the sothern half of the country,except the river basins
  • Meadows and steppes-
  • The savanna at the foot of the volcano.


There were few who could live in this hostile region.

However the population has risen in the last few years to 460 000.

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