Type Region
Principal land Eriedún
Names Rhaglad, Hísinyar (Eastern realm)
Population 843 233 Men, 52 635Elves,6 235Dwarves

Short descriptionEdit

When the realm of Arthav split, Rhaglad (under its old name Hísinyar) was the most rugged and least populated realm (the others were Arhadan to the west and Myneimar to the southwest) However, Rhaglad remained independent, eventhough its western neighbours were defeated.

Detailed descriptionEdit


To the north, Rhaglad is bounded by a series of hills, marking the border with the elven realm of Tartheglor. The western borders are not so clear, moving much to and fro throughout history.
The mnost important river in Rhaglad is the Himlyn, cutting the realm into two.

Flora and faunaEdit


The population is not very dense, compared to other regions of Alna, but still it is quite dense compared to regions further west.

  1. Rhagladdim- ther original inhabitants of the region
  2. Hísinyarim- although at first the ruling class, they became a minority. Things changed after the realms western neighbours were defeated and most of its population moved to Rhaglad


Dwarves established small farms and outposts in Rhaglad during the 1st Silver Age.

Rhaglad village

A Rhagladdim village

In the third century of the 2nd Silver Age, Hillmen tribes settled at the foothills of the Silver mountains.

In the First Bronze Age, Ríochtann II. mc Dencadh unified the various clans in Rhaglad into a single realm during the 8th century.

Concept and creationEdit

The men of Rhaglad were inspired by the Picts or the Scottish.