Culture Man of Thal
Race Man
Gender Male
Title/Names Master of Thal
Home Thal

Short descriptionEdit

Radovlad was the Master of Thal, who brought the town to prosperity.

Detailed descriptionEdit

Radovlad is a good merchant, but greedy. When it comes to serious matters, he doesnt want to be in charge


Radovlad was born in 2814.He bacame the Master of Thal in 2853 and brought the town to prosperity. He managed to keep peace. He met Radegar in 2857.

In 2868, he resigned and Halmir took his office.


Radovlad was overthrown when he heard that the Asdriags and Iaryges were to attack Thal. He wanted to buy them off, but the townsmen wanted to fight. He resigned.


Radovlad has brown hair .


Other hobbiesEdit


  • 200 000 Gold coins
  • 150 000 Silver coins

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