Race Men
Names Northmen, Northrons
Subgroups Thalsk, Eothruvim,..
Homes Ravediar

Short descriptionEdit

the Northmen are a group of peoples living in the Ravediar

Detailed descriptionEdit


The Northmen are the descendants of the house of Eorad


  1. West Northmen- living between the Silver mountains and the great river Beleduin
    1. Northmen of Eriedún
      1. Men of the March
  2. South Northmen- living originally on the vast plains between the Inner Sea, Weatherberg and the forest.
    1. Eothruvim
    2. Blathuid
    3. Berkthuid
  3. Northern Northmen- living north of the great forst
    1. Thalsk


The languages of the Northmen were similar, as between the Germanic peoples


The military readiness varied, the largest was among the South northmen.

A Northman


The Northmen were base on Germanic peoples. They too, were divided among West, North and East, with the East group being defeated. Here however, the East Northmen were expelled.

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