Culture Man of Thal
Race Man
Gender Male
Title/Names Captain of Thal
Home Thal

Short descriptionEdit

Halmir is a man from Thal.

Detailed descriptionEdit


Halmir was born in 2832 as a son of a commander in Thal. After learning that an Easterling army was heading to Thal, he named himself Master (in 2868) and tried to prepare the town for war. However, the real ruler was then Eodréd. When his 300 Eothruvim arrived, he lost his position


Halmir is quite fat and has black hair


Halmir is a swordsmaster and can ride a horse. However, he preferes to stay out of the main battles.

Other hobbiesEdit

  • Drinking beer
  • Exaggerating
  • Hunting


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