Race Men
Culture Men of the West, Dúnerim
Names Dúnerim of Rhaglad
Homes Rhaglad
Total population approximately 243 000

Short descriptionEdit

The Hísinyarim is the name used for the Dúnerim of Rhaglad. Originally the ruling class of the realm now compose a quarter of the human population of Rhaglad.

Detailed descriptionEdit


Once the ruling class in Rhaglad, these descendants of the Dúnerim lords in Rhaglad.



The Hísinyarim are renown for their elite units.


A Hísinyarim ranger

The Hísinyarim elite swordsmen, recruited from the castles and the Hísinyarim knights are a difficult foe.

However, defeating the Hísinyarim rangers, prefering a guerilla-style is almost impossible

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