Type Principal land
Population 6 440 627
Area 1 203 750 km sq.

Eriedún is a large region to the west of the Silver mountains. It is home to the High Elves  in  Tartheglor, Dwarves of Gathib Zaren and Kheled Zaram, numerous Hillmen clans in Rhaglad, and other men of the west.

The LandEdit


Map of Eriedún


Flora and FaunaEdit

The northern and eastern parts of the region are grassy, the western and southern parts are more wooded.

it is home to Eriedún brown bears


Men Elves Dwarves Orcs Total
Arhadan 502 485

54 236

Ailenyar 1 553 011 8 411 1135
Rhaglad 843 233 52 635 6 235
Ceredion 33 548 80 791 150
Tartheglor 131 414 333 638 7665
Tundras 134 820 170 0 11 576
Yrkbarr 160 628 40 250 16 008
Borderlands 26 013
Total 4 395 003 1 822 794 169 233 53 597  6 440 627


Silver AgesEdit

During the Silver Ages, Elves passed via the region, but did not stay there. The first major civilization was that of the Dwarves, who settled in Gathib Zaren and Kheled Zaram. The dwarven citadel of Zirag Zigil in the Silver mountains also had a large influence over the region. The Dwarves entablished small colonies and farms, mainly in western Hathailar, and in Tartheglor. Meanwhile,Orcs settled in Yrkbarr.

The coming of Men in the 2nd century of the Third Silver Age meant a new era in the history of the land.The first  men came from the east- ancestors of the Eriedain from the House of Beorn. Some settle around lake Elenuin, in Halatyar.In the 3 rd century, Hillmen from the House of Dencadh came from the southeast and settled in most of Eriedún.

First Bronze AgeEdit

In the beginning of the first age, many Elves sttled and established two realms by the sea: Inthas settled by Taeldyarin Elves and Daeras by the exiles from Cenoriar. The men of the house of Beorn came under Elvish influence, while the Hillmen came under Dwarven influence.

Ceredion was founded in the 3rd century by the Taeldyarin Elves. There, the Elven smiths reached their best skills. The Elves settled mostly in the region of Beitheás in southern Ceredion.In the same time, the Taeldyari also founded the realm of Tartheglor, led by their High king Fintar.

During the 5th century, a group of Elves from Daeras founded Firvale at the foot of the Silver mountains. A principality in Halatyar was founded by Halaton.

In the 7th century the principality of Hathailar was founded , influenced by the Thunderfists. Also, a mixed realm was founded in Estalyar.

In the 8th Century, Ríochtann II. mc Dencadh unified the Hillmen clans in Rhaglad.Hillmen also settled in eastern Ailenyar.

In the 10th century Dúnerim principalities were established in Arthýnien ,Ardônyar and Tinerev

During the 11th(1053) century orcs and Goblins attack Eriedún. Many Hillmen flee to Calathír.

Second Bronze AgeEdit