Race Men
Culture Northmen
Names Eothruvim, Eohthruvim
Homes a small area to the southeast of Thal
Total population approximately 5000

Short descriptionEdit

The Eothruvim are fair-haired nomads speaking a Northman dialect. They are well-known warriors, defeating more numerous armies than themselves. They have for centuries defended Thal against Easterling nomads.

Detailed descriptionEdit


Even though once they had their own kingdom, they are now tribe-like nomad society. Their kingdom was once destroyed by the Easterlings.

Home regionEdit

Originally, they were a much larger people, populating the steppes as far south as Weatherberg. After being driven by the Asdriag tribes, they retreated northwards towards Thal.

Political structureEdit


The Eothruvim have fair hair


The Eothruvim are renown for their great horsemanship.


Important individualsEdit

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