Culture Eothruvim
Race Man
Gender Male
Title/Names Chieftain of the Eothruvim
Home no permament home, welcome in Thal

Short descriptionEdit

Eodréd is the chieftain of the Eothruvim.

Detailed descriptionEdit



After noticing an Easterling army composed of Asdriags and Iaryges, 12 000 men strong, he and his 400 kinsmen tried to hold them for a while. After defeating many foes, he arrived in Thal, where he took power after its Master Radovlad was too scared to be responsible.


Eodréd has fair hair, is tall, like other Eothruvim.


Eodréd is one of the best warriors naer Thal. He is known for his good swordmastery and is a perfect horseman.


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