The Ciryari (Light-elves ) are one of the five groups of Elves. They were previously known as the Minyar.



They were awakened at a small lake like the other Elves. Originally, there were only 14 Minyari.

Long JourneyEdit

After being awakened, they were invited by Cenariol to Iniar like the other kindreds.King Inwar was sent as an emissary to Iniar and later the Ciryar were the fastest to reach the coast. They reached Thalas and built a small haven of Ciryond while waiting for Tulmo to carry them across the sea.


The Ciryar are said to have fair hair.

Known CiryariEdit

  1. Inwar
  2. Indis
  3. Leamenar

Concept and creationEdit

The older name for the Minyar was Linyar, but was chnged to avoid confusion with the wood Elves