Cenoriar was an Elven realm of the Limyar.


As the Limyar marched westwards to the great ocean, their king Elwar disappeared. The remaining people built a castle in Neldoned known as Egralgar. Another group have created their own kingdom in Brenid, proclaiming their lord Belecthar king.

After a long time, king Elwar was found in Lórenoss.He titled himself as High King of the Leimyar and a he claimed the whole region between the coasts of Thalas to the west and the river Thilion to the east as his own.

However, after Morduk was set free, two large goblin armies were reported marching upon the woodland realm. The king, along with Nendolas of Neldoned and Dvalin of Gathib Zaren marched northwards to stop them. In battle Elwar was captured. The Goblins sached the city of Lórenoss and the castle of Egralgar and let them in flames.Also, the Queen died in the burning Lórenoss.

Even though kingless, the realm managed to restore its glory, but the succession was a source of problems. There were three claimants to the throne: Belecthar of Brenid,Thrandír and his older sister Mirellas- the children of the lost King and lastly Celepharnír, lord of Nivrien, who became king.

Despite his short rule, he has managed to build a new capital of the realm, Thárenlost upon Siril. Thrandír refused to accept Celepharnír as the new king, and with the help of Belectrhar, he marched upon Thárenlost,where he became the king. Celepharnír fled to Thalas.

Cenoriar forest

The western forest of Nivrien



Map of Cenoriar